You’re not going anywhere…

Meet the “Defendius”! The innovative, and downright cool, 100% titanium alloy door lock….you would have thought opening a door could be so much fun!

For extra fun, place it on the outside of a toilet door, provide drink and watch the resulting panic.

This innovative lock is designed by Art Lebedev Studio… responsible for the amazing Optimus Maximus keyboard with a tiny screen on each key. Constructed of 100% titanium alloy, nothing less than a level forty-two spell of ultimate cutting will break the Defendius lock open. Really, just look at it: no one is getting out easily. You’ll have to guide the lock nib through the labyrinth before you can open to door. There is only one solution, so no cheating will help. Maybe when confronted with the Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock, your date will reconsider your offer of playing the game of love in co-op mode. And don’t worry, these locks were tested by robots and confirmed to be the strongest lock commercially available. So, install a Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock today, and make sure your next date gets to the bonus level.



  1. Oh bugger…”your” so right on that one. I didnt proof read that one before i posted it. Lesson learnt! And its in the title so if i change that the permalinks will change and bank…the links will stop working damnit!
    Cheers Doobybrain. Great blog.

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