1. Suicide ducky would be more convincing if it didn’t have a 3rd prong, the grounding prong.

  2. you need a 3rd prong to push it into many sockets

    repairman jack (if that is you real name) if you look at many many many appliances they have the third prong but it simply is not wired.

    have a look for yourself

  3. Actually UK plugs have to have the third prong because the live and neutral sockets have covers over them that are retracted by the third (earth) pin. That’s why the earth pin is longer than the other two.

    Although if the appliance doesn’t need grounding then the third pin can be plastic, but it DOES have to be there.

  4. I believe you would be electrocuted regardless of whether or not the circuit was grounded. I could be totally wrong however.

  5. Grounding issues aside, where in the world do I get one of these? (not for the intended purpose, of course, I collect duckies)

  6. Am I correct in assuming that the reason for having the third prong even if it’s unused is so the plug can’t be inserted the wrong way, reversing polarity?

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