You really dont want to sit on a Japanese train…

Note to companies: dont piss off your designer.

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Author: Jase

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  1. This is ridiculous; “oh look how retarded this is, those wacky Japanese.”

    Come on. Japan has better transit systems the US ever will. Shame on you for printing it, sucker.

    And by the way it’s “of” and not “off.”

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  2. Dear Brian,

    Many thanks for you lovely comment. Firstly, Im not american, they have the internet in other countries you know, so you can insult your own transit system as much as you like.

    I think its quite obvious that the picture is photoshopped…i really couldnt care less.
    I thought it was funny and so did other people. Thats why i posted it. Its not a serious comment on the japanese transit system.

    btw…get your grammar right “sucker”.


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  3. I don’t think it’s photoshopped. It looks like someone drew it with a marker and stuck it to a window. Some tourist probably saw it and thought it was legit so they snapped a pic of it. The last two are both pregnant but if you look, their bellys are different sizes. Also, it just looks amateurish.

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