X-factor rejects, an old naked woman and Bruce Willis.

Its bad enough being on a train that is delayed for 5 hours (on top of the 2 hour journey time), but try being on a train for 7 hours with a family of X-Factor rejects who have just left the Cardiff auditions that day. Oh the singing! It didn’t stop!
Paris, if your reading this…you were rejected for a reason…and it wasnt because they thought “your were too young to hit the big time just yet”. This is what you sound like!

On top of a hellish train journey, i arrived at my hotel in Covent Garden, The Travelodge (very classy) at about 3am in the morning to be given the key to an already occupied room and was presented with a very old, very angry, very naked old woman who had arrived about an hour previously.

Thanks Travelodge, when i eventually did get to my own room at about 4am do you think i could actually sleep after that event! Its burnt into my retina.

On a much brighter note, after being given the runaround London by the very poor gps on my n95 (an hours walk to a landmark that was in fact only 10 minutes away – unrecommended!) i eventually came across Leicester square and within minutes saw Bruce Willis leave the premiere of Die Hard 4 and manage to catch it on my phone: