Would You Check In To These Hotels? [Photos]

How would you like to take a vacation in the poverty-stricken area of Nairobi in Kenya? The accommodations may not be much but it’s pretty cozy. The hotel is so exclusive, it can only have one or two quests at a time. Running water is a joke (good luck getting hot water). And room service is anything but luxurious. In fact, “luxury” is a word that’s relative to what you can get in the black market.

Steve Bloom went to the capital of Kenya to photograph everyday life in its squalor. Storekeepers maintain unique businesses that may look hokey and questionable. But it’s no less quaint.

You think you want to get away from the comforts of your boring, safe and cush First World lives? Then you can’t get any more ghetto than this. The rough hood of Nairoba, Kenya is the best place to be.

– via Leenks.

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