This is the Worst Chest Bump Execution Ever

chest bump FAIL!

Coaches should be stoic figures for this very reason right here. When they get all rah-rah and start acting like the people they’re coaching, who are usually much younger than they are, they usually end up looking like fools.

So here’s a high school football coach who’s pretty stoked about his team pulling out their first victory of the season. So stoked that he decides he should do a jumping chest bump with one of the players as he comes off the field.

Well, there are obviously a few problems with that idea. One, the player is wearing pads and the coach is not. Two, the coach is standing and the player is running. Three, young athlete versus old man.

When you see a couple of people execute a jumping chest bump correctly, they are usually on even terms in the areas mentioned above.

So go figure that one of these guys goes flying. Hope he didn’t break his hip.

(these guys)