Worlds best LEGO artist…

This is the worlds best LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya. He grew up drawing cartoons, writing stories, trying his hand at magic and like most kids, played with LEGO. He started a LEGO CIty in his parents living room and added to it for 12 years! Here are some of his creations:

“This sculpture depicts an individual breaking out of a gray box, much like one may break out of a depression or a challenging situation.”

Dont go getting all arty on us now…they are kids building blocks after all 😉

STUMBERS: Theres more of nathans work here!
More images at CNN



  1. These are some really cool lego sculptures. I love the yellow humanoid one with the legos falling out. Very cool!

  2. If we all had access to infinite blocks consisting of whatever shapes, colors and sizes that we needed, you’d probably see a bit more like this 🙂

    The fact remains, we don’t. Those cost money.

  3. Who actually gave this guy the title “worlds best lego artist”? How can someone be the best artist?

    There’s probably a simple explanation like this guy assumes he’s the only adult still stuck in the lego-phase and thus can “out-art” the kids. His constructions are the shallow and primitive, something I’d expect to see from teenagers, really.

  4. Very nice, loved lego’s when I was a kid.

    But really people, lighten up.

    @Janne: The guy who wrote this blog gave him that title, and in his opinion he is the best Lego artist. You make think he is crap artist, but that doesn’t mean ya gotta flame folks ’cause they don’t agree with you. It’s immature. Besides, if they are so primitive, can you make better?

    and anon above me.. I think this is his hobby. A girlfriend wouldn’t hurt either though.

  5. Uch. I agree with Andy. Must you be so cruel, just because they’re different? You’re probably the kinds who sit at home, watch TV and fill in the generic, un-artistic role. Just because he works with childs lego blocks does not make his art childish, it is simply a medium. It is far better than any sort of ‘art’ often displayed these days.

  6. He must have a connection to the company. Legos simply aren’t for sale any more. I wanted to buy my kids a Lego set to spur their imaginations, but all the sets available are the Lego Spongebob Village, the Lego Star Wars Planet, the Lego Three Mile Island, all with only the pieces needed to build their own little set, all extremely tiny versions of the Legos I remember. Ironically, the pieces are too small for the kids to manipulate, so dad has to put them together, and all the kids can do is play with the completed sets. I may as well have just bought the molded plastic fire house instead of the Lego version. Sucks. BRING BACK THE FULL LEGO SET!!!!

  7. @ Anonymous, this is his hobby. He does what he likes. Girlfriends are not at all fun and waste your time anyhow.

  8. Truly amazing!!!

    I used to struggle to build a lego house when I was a child! Could never imagine building things such as the talented artist above! Maybe I lack imagination!

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