Women’s Basketball Sucker Punch!

Shanel Harrison sucker punch

We’re not really sure what’s going on here. Or at least what led up to this incident. What we do know is this footage was taken from a women’s basketball game in Finland. What we also know is Shanel Harrison is the chick who blasts a player in the face with a sucker punch during the game.

The player receiving the punch is Niina Laaksonen.

Seems totally called for…

Harrison, of course, is American. Not that were suggesting idiotic sports violence is limited to idiotic Americans, but it makes us all look bad. In Finland, they’re most definitely saying, “stupid American.”

She was promptly booted by the team, Tapiolan Honka, today.

Now, this is why we don’t like women’s basketball…

Wait. No. We don’t like women’s basketball because it’s boring and completely lacks the sort of athleticism that makes men’s basketball awesome. This sort of stupidity doesn’t help though.