Woman gives birth to 17th child!

Michelle Duggar from Arkansas USA recently gave birth to her 17th child on the 2nd August 2007.

She has been pregnant for 153 months of her life! The oldest being 19 years of age. All 19 of her kids have names starting with J:

19-year-old Joshua, 17-year-old John David, 17-year-old Janna, 16-year-old Jill, 14-year-old Jessa, 13-year-old Jinger, 12-year-old Joseph, 11-year-old Josiah, 9-year-old Joy-Anna, 8-year-old Jedidiah, 8-year-old Jeremiah, 7-year-old Jason, 6-year-old James, 4-year-old Justin, 3-year-old Jackson and 2 year-old Johannah.

Im having a problem deciding how to categorise this post. Obviously its “misc news” but is it “Oddness”? Ive got a little 11 month old girl and, while its been amazing, its been the hardest 11 months of my life…thats it, i’ve decided, its going into “stupidity”!