Winnies recipies with human faeces?

Odd choice of words there.


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Author: Jase

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  1. Oh come on, you can still see the shape of the “H” at the end of “POOH” where it’s been photoshopped (inexpertly).

    I thought people stopped making faeces-related jokes about whinnie the pooh about 30 years ago?

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  2. Sorry Mr Slippy, your wrong.

    Im afraid your in the wrong place if your after intelligent prose and clever wit.

    Having a little 1yr old daughter, im surrounded by pooh of all sorts. Pooh this, pooh that…and it never fails to make me snigger. Pooh jokes still go along way in my family!

    I see your not one to resist the odd toilet humour joke once in a while looking at the argos willy image on your front page!

    Might link to that if thats ok? Thats perfect for this blog!


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  3. Sorry, should have engaged “light-hearted joshing” tags!

    I can be as silly as the next man, honest 😉

    Oh, and thanks muchly for for the link love! I will reciprocate shortly – sorry I didn’t spot it sooner!

    I finally got round to setting up webmaster tools for the site and spotted that you’d made that image the most popular hit on my blog.

    Between you and Miniature Brainwave, you’ve brought my readership up into DOUBLE FIGURES!

    I’ve had to stop referring to my readers as “you and my other reader”

    Ah, the dizzying heights of instant fame…. lol

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