Who’s Ready for Lavalantula?

Oh, my… Lavalantula is the new sure-fire hit coming next summer from Syfy, which has made not one, but two Sharknado movies. Similar to how those combined sharks and tornados, Lavalantula will combine volcanos and tarantulas!

Naturally, that means giant tarantulas that breathe fire. Wooooooooooo!

So the giant fire-breathing tarantulas wreak some havoc on Los Angeles and… I don’t know. We’ll have to see.

Clearly, this is just the comeback vehicle that Steve Guttenberg needed though. You probably don’t realize this, but there was a time when Steven Guttenberg was a pretty big star. Then he made 75 Police Academy movies.

Only the first one of those movies was awesome.

At any rate, Guttenberg will be appearing alongside two other alums of Police Academy — Leslie Easterbrook and Michael Winslow. Easterbrook played Sgt. Callahan and Winslow was the guy who made sound effects. 

Easterbrook has actually been in some other stuff, including pretty much everything Rob Zombie has ever made. Winslow is still the guy who made the sound effects in the Police Academy movies.

I wonder if that makes for a rewarding life?

No matter. Lavalantula is sure to be just what the career doctor ordered for all three!


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