When a full size Britney isnt required…

Theres at least one person who is hoping Britney’s comeback will be massive…

“Mini-Briteney “

Terra (Karl) Jole’, a.k.a. MINI-BRITNEY celebrates pop icon Britney Spears like never seen before with flawless costumes and live vocals. Her short statured frame of 4’2” combined with a huge spirit and energy never fails to delight audiences.

In the ‘short’ amount of time Terra has been performing as MINI-BRITNEY (only since February of 2007), she has become a bit of a press darling and has been featured on TV programs “Access Hollywood” , “E! Daily Top 10”. “Talk Soup”,& “CNN”. In print, the “Chicago Tribune”, “New York Post” Page 6,” HX”Gaye Pride 07’ issue and countless Celebrity blogs including TMZ, Splash News, D-Listed, US Magazine, Hollywood Scoop as well as others around the globe


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