What would happen to the earth if we ALL simply died.

Featured in a recent article at Mental Floss, The World Without Us by Alan Weisman explores what would happen to the earth if humans suddenly died (“28 Days Later” style).

Some of the conclusions are quite surprising:

In a very short time — perhaps weeks — the water in nuclear cooling towers would burn off, and the plants would melt into vast radioactive piles of goo.

The electricity keeping the pumps on in New York’s subways would stop, and they would eventually be flooded. The streets above them would collapse, creating rivers where, say, Lexington Avenue used to be. Jungle would reclaim much of the city within a few decades.

Bronze sculpture, plastic, radio waves and some of the earliest examples of human architecture will be our most lasting gifts to the universe. Roman statues may be recognizable for another ten million years.

This definetly goes on my book list.