We’ve been through the washer…again!

Well, it was about time wasn’t it.

Lets be brutally honest here, about:blank looked like it had been well and truly slapped in the face with the ugly stick in the past few months. After the site broke a few months back, i rushed out a new template to get the site up and running over night and never really returned to it to refine it. Naughty me.

I hope you like the new look. I feel its a lot cleaner and a lot easier to read than the last incarnation.

I’m still playing with it but if any of you notice anything i don’t…errors, stylesheet breakages or even if you feel im missing something that could increase your enjoyment of the site then please do get in touch.

I’m also cutting down on the ads. Ive been playing with a few different revenue streams over the last few weeks and have decided to stick with adsense and chitika and leave it at that. Hopefully the reduction in ads will make your browsing experience a lot more pleasurable!

Well, i hope you enjoy the new site and please get in touch with any feedback you have; positive or negative.