Dock, Gravity Do Not Appreciate Huge Wedding Party

wedding party FAIL!

We always enjoy human stupidity. Actually, scratch that. We only enjoy it when it results in something funny and/or horrible happening to those who exhibit it.

How about this?

Oh, we’ve got a HUGE wedding party because we are SO popular! Seriously, do you really need 48 people in your wedding party? No one wants to be in the church that long while all of those people march to the front and back.

But here’s where we all win. When the idiot wedding photographer insists all 48 of them stand on this tiny dock for what will surely be the wedding party money shot.

Well, guess what happens.

He obviously didn’t learn anything from that prom incident.

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say this wedding took place in the Midwest. The woman saying “Oh my god” at the end gives it away.