Want To Eat Diamonds? [Photos]

Now you can eat your precious stones. Well, not exactly. They are chocolate treats made to look like diamonds. Couture Jeweler Azature made these decadent goodies as a thank-you gift to their jewelry clients. Now, they can now be enjoyed by chocolate lovers. Azature’s fine chocolates are handcrafted from one of the rarest materials in their class. There are seven flavors (Black diamond- Wild Treasure Cocoa , White signature — Silky Belgium White Chocolate with Crispy Wafers, Green Diamond – Poire William, Canary Diamond – Almond Crunch, Champagne Diamond – Champagne, Pink Diamond – Almond/Hazelnut Nougat, and Blue Diamond – Cafe Machiato). Click the link below for prices and more info.

– Via If It’s Hip It’s Here.