Want to Ride in Optimus Prime?

ride in Optimus Prime

You can take a ride in Optimus Prime courtesy of Uber. That is, so long as you’re in Dallas, Phoenix or Los Angeles.

Uber is doing a promotion for Transformers 4, which will surely be a totally awful and unwatchable movie even with Mark Wahlberg in it.

By using the Uber app you can hail Optimus Prime, but apparently not for any particular reason. It doesn’t sound like he’ll take you anywhere, but he will drive you around town for 15 minutes.

His Dallas stint is already done, but he’ll be in Phoenix on the 19th and Los Angeles on the 21st.

Will he transform? We have our doubts.

But you’ll look real dorky for 15 minutes. Livin’ the dream!

Some other Transformers will be available as well, but why would you want to ride in anything but Prime?

ride in Optimus Prime

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