Wales becomes “Speed Camera centre of the UK”

Speed camera fines here in Wales averaged at £3.40 for every man, woman and child in this country which is more than £10m in total compared to £2.13 in England and just £1.42. In North Wales, the area controlled by infamous anti-speed freak Chief Constable of North Wales Police, the average was a ridiculously extortionate £5.82!

Speed camera expert Stephen Mesquita, who obtained the figures through Freedom of Information requests from the Department for Transport, said, “All this reinforces the motorists’ instincts that speed cameras are unfair. There needs to be proper control over some of the more camera-happy counties if the perception of speed cameras is to change.�

Jim Moore, manager of Mid & South Wales Safety Camera Partnership said “The simple message is – don’t speed, and you have nothing to fear.�

I think the message is, if you have a car thats faster than a robin reliant, avoid North Wales like the plague and move to Scotland.

via icWales