Wake Up and Smell the Bacon is Real and Awesome

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

Did you ever wish you could wake up every morning to the delicious smell of bacon? Well, you have two options. You can either marry a woman who knows how to take care of a man (or vice versa, I guess, if you’re a woman) or you can get this dongle for your iPhone from Oscar Mayer. It’s called Wake Up and Smell the Bacon.

Basically, you attach this thing to your iPhone and it times the release of a bacon scent with an alarm. The alarm also makes the sound of sizzling bacon.

This is all pretty awesome, except for one thing.

You’re going to stroll into the kitchen thinking there’s going to be bacon waiting for you and there’s just going to be a fat lump of jack shit instead.

That is, unless your wife is actually performing her wifely duties. That’s in the marriage contract, right?

You can go here to try to get your hands on the dongle.