“Up Yours Mark Easton!”

When spiteful neighbour Mark Easton from Utah ordered his new neighbour to reduce the roof of their new home by a few inches (he is a city councillor after all…can you expect anything less?), he aggravated the wrong person!

It cost the new neighbour a small fortune to reduce the roof so they gave Mark something else to look at as he smuggly gazes at the mountains from his porch…

‘Ave some of that Mark Easton!

But now of course, Mark has to live in the knowledge that not only does his neighbour bask in the glow of victory but people all over the world know now and anyone who enters the words “Mark Easton” into google will be able to read it too! Poor Mark! Im not sure who i feel for more.

Yeah i do.

Take a look at Snopes for some more background on this dispute. The neigbour argued that the shape was “abstract art” representing a cactus! Brilliant.

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Author: Jase

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  1. Hey don’t cast stones till you have had to experience it.
    Mark Easton is not the spiteful one here, and yes read the whole story.

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  2. that ******* got what he deserved

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  3. homeowner shouldn’t have taken it down easton was abuseing his power as a city coucilman to push other people around. the city approved the plans and easton caused this gentlman over 30k in reconstruction and design costs. personally he should be thankful his house didn’t get accidentally burnt down. really sic and tired of people abuseing there power, maybe as a councilman he should have been more ontop of what was going on before construction was made. i agree with josh

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  4. I love this. To me at least, its a success story. This bureaucratic pig arbitrarily declared that the view of the mountain range was HIS, and his alone. Technically, the roof was over the limit but making him lower it was very mean spirited IMO. If he did not want the view obstructed, the dolt should have purchased the lot behind his house. He screwed himself with the very same rules he used on his neighbor. The neighbor also did some research, found out he could do it and did. Now, when stepping out on his balcony, he will always have a reminder of what his selfishness cost him. Also, his house believe it or not will be a VERY hard sell because of “the view” should he decide to move. “Mommie, what does that sign mean?” Yeah, I’m sure families in Utah are going to want to explain that to their kids. If someone does try to buy it at some point they are probably going to demand a very large discout for having to look at that and would be well within their rights to do so. The neighbor on the other hand never has to see it. The council can change the rules after the fact, but his vents are grandfathered in and there to stay. What does he think of the view now? One of the best examples of poetic justice I have ever seen.

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