“Up Yours Mark Easton!”

When spiteful neighbour Mark Easton from Utah ordered his new neighbour to reduce the roof of their new home by a few inches (he is a city councillor after all…can you expect anything less?), he aggravated the wrong person!

It cost the new neighbour a small fortune to reduce the roof so they gave Mark something else to look at as he smuggly gazes at the mountains from his porch…

‘Ave some of that Mark Easton!

But now of course, Mark has to live in the knowledge that not only does his neighbour bask in the glow of victory but people all over the world know now and anyone who enters the words “Mark Easton” into google will be able to read it too! Poor Mark! Im not sure who i feel for more.

Yeah i do.

Take a look at Snopes for some more background on this dispute. The neigbour argued that the shape was “abstract art” representing a cactus! Brilliant.

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