1. I like the artwork of the environment, although I’d like to see a version where the character’s features are properly in proportion with the cartoon characters, as they have done for Mario and Homer. For example, in the cartoon, Fry has a stupidly overhanging top lip and googlie eyes, whereas Leila as the same sorts of features but also has ridiculously thick lips.

  2. Yea Leila looks not as hot as she does in the cartoon’s wheres the hotness gone?

    oh and where are the large busty Leila gone?

  3. Where’s Bender or Prof. Farnsworth?
    Leela looks great,now I know why Zapp is crazy about her.

  4. this is a copy of pixeloo, who does it all to proportion of the cartoon. this guy is giving pixeloo’s style a bad rep

  5. @ Sugreev2001 says:
    May 21, 2008 at 9:17 am
    Where’s Bender or Prof. Farnsworth?

    bender is stealing leilas wallet. sugreev

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