UCLA Flooding Due to “Massive Dump”

UCLA flooding

A water main broke in Los Angeles on Tuesday and the UCLA campus was flooded. The brilliant anchors at ABC 7 were covering the UCLA flooding story when they got a call from “DWP spokesperson Louis Slungpue.”


It started off somewhat normally, then “Louis” started getting into his theory about a cherry bomb being the cause for the broken water main. Well, a cherry bomb or…

“It was either a cherry bomb or someone took a really large dump,” Slungpue told ABC 7’s Ellen Leyva.

She then tested the spokesperson with, “Are you 100 percent sure about that?”

Her co-anchor had already realized what was going on and had exited the conversation. Leyva really wanted to know about that massive dump though.

Unfortunately, Mr. Slungpue’s call was mysteriously lost.