Tweets from the Death Star

Topless Robot is having a contest to see who can come up with the best tweets from the Death Star. Here are some of the best so far…

@Clone7323: @Clone6323 I’m telling you, they looked really similar. They weren’t bf/gf. They could have been brother sister for all we know.
@Motti: And they all just sat there. The f*cking guy is choking me with his f*cking mind, and they do NOTHING!!!!

@TK421: Nocked out, yelld at 4 not @ post, and lost uniform to boot. ASSigned 2 garding cell blok 1138. Could this day get ANY worse? FML

@BigPapaPalpintine You sure you don’t want to to order a thermal exaust post cover? They are like 20 credit

@Randall: @Dante I told you working here was a bad idea
@Dante: @Randall I’m not even supposed to be here today!

@Clone9376 @Clone7245 You think your job sucks? Big green laser breezes past me and I don’t even have a rail to lean against.

@Mark Hamill: The moon is so beautiful tonight
@Alec Guinness: @Mark Hamill That’s no moon, it’s a space station.

@Gold_5 RT @Gold_5 hey @GoldLeader maybe you should STAY ON TARGET

@CorrellianPimp: I can’t believe they bought that. 12 parsecs? Might as well have been 573 wookiemiles. 9384 jawameters. Effing N00bs.

@Master_P: @YoungJedi – you want this? Hmm? Gonna strike me down? Hmm? Use your hate? Hmm? So cute when they’re young. #shitmyapprenticesays

RebelAgent1: Boooored in my prison cell. Death Star food sucks. Pretty bummed Leia’s gone. Hopeful our comrades will rescue me soon!

@R2D2DaShizit: Why do these MFer’s not understand I am telling them Vader is their F’ing DAD! Beep wooo Beep Beep Wooo MFer’s!!!!

UFettUrAss: Slave 1 in pursuit of Milennium Falcon, OMG HATE YOU SO MUCH SOLO #followfriday

@LonelyGunner15: It’s like no one gets me. But at the same time, everyone IS me. #Confused

@Clone1579: Someone explain why WE don’t get laser swords! I mean wtf?


WaxOnWaxMoff: Terrorist attack a government structure, and WE’RE the bad guys?! #NVR4GET

@Dianoga: You know what would be great? If you guys threw something other than random scraps of metal down here.

@DeathStarPR: Don’t think of us as a “Death” Star, think of us as an “Opportunity” Star. #deathstarcares

Via SyFy