TorrentSpy ordered to hand over user information to MPAA.

This is quite worrying for TorrentSpy’s millions of users. The owners have been forced by a US judge to hand over all information about its users, and what they download, over to the MPAA.

“It is likely that TorrentSpy would turn off access to the U.S. before tracking its users,� said Rothken. “If this order were allowed to stand, it would mean that Web sites can be required by discovery judges to track what their users do even if their privacy policy says otherwise.�

One way or another, it seems that the MPAA is determined to obtain information about TorrentSpy and its users. A complaint issued by
TorrentSpy suggests the MPAA paid a hacker $15,000 to steal e-mail correspondence and trade secrets. The hacker admitted that this was true.

via TorrentFreak