Tom Hardy as Mad Max

Tom Hardy is Mad Max

This somehow totally slipped by. Tom Hardy is going to be playing Mad Max in a new installment in the franchise, Fury Road.

We know next to nothing about this, except what we just read. To summarize, the film has been taking forever to shoot, was delayed and is now shooting again. This is the best known shot from the set of Hardy in character.

We also know the Mad Max movies are awesome. Not even Mel Gibson could ruin them. Although, at one time, Mel Gibson was also awesome and we never would have said something like “not even Mel Gibson could ruin them.”

Mel did plenty in the years since he made the last Mad Max movie to ruin plenty of stuff real good, though. Thankfully, we are able to ignore Mel’s overwhelming Melness when it comes to Mad Max.

At any rate, Tom Hardy seems like a pretty good replacement. He probably isn’t a total egomaniacal dickhead either, but then no one could ever touch Mel in that category.