TiWalkMe: The Worlds Largest, Slowest Enviro-Friendly Natural Clock

This clock isnt designed to tell the time on the scale that we are used to on an hourly/day to day basis. This clock is designed to track a period of 1,000 years.

The TiWalkMe concept uses a forest of trees planted along a strip of land. Annual plantings will set the pace of the clockwork mechanism and as trees naturally die off and new ones are planted in front of it, it should, in time, give us a visual representation of time along the 1000 year scale.

The man behind the TiWalkMe is inventor, physicist, entrepreneur, designer, former Bell Labs chief scientist, and now venture capitalist Greg Blonder of Genuine Ideas.

Presently, the search continues for funding, volunteers, and site selection.

Ubergizmo makes a frightening point…will the forest (and us) be nuked and wiped from the face of the earth before it reaches its natural end?