The Worlds Longest Poo

In 1995, working together with nutrition specialists from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, after a very strict diet, broke the record. The result: a 26 feet piece of crap…

Unfortunately, this particular story of amazing colon action is actually full of poo too. According to Snopes;

The entire length of an average human’s small intestine is around 30 feet, and their large intestine is around 7 feet. Since the contents of their small intestine are fairly liquid (the large intestine is used mostly to remove excess water and electrolytes, if I remember correctly), the longest stool wouldn’t be much over five feet (even counting for restriction in diameter from their anal sphincter) in my opinion. Even with plugging everything for up to one week, only the large intestine would be used to remove water (therefore solidifying the wastes).

You learn something new everyday don’t you!



  1. this is sick and this lady seriously has problems. but thanks for the laugh. and my boyfriend says “she’s a poopster”

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