The Worlds Biggest Beef Burger Competition.

The Worlds Biggest Burger competition is taken very seriously apparently. With Burger Restaurants around the world trying to out do each other…

Attempt 1
The massive Olde 96er which used 6 pounds of meat, one large onion, two whole tomatoes, one half head of lettuce, 1 1/4 pounds of cheese, top and bottom buns, and a cup each of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, relish, banana peppers and some pickles. By Denny Leigey

Attempt 2

The Beer Barrel Belly Buster. This mammoth creation consists of 11.5 pounds of meat, 25 slices of cheese, 1 full lettuce, 2 onions, 3 tomatoes and 25,000 calories. This would set you back a modest $34.99.

Attempt 3

The Mount Olympus burger which, wait for it, uses 25 pounds of meat and its total weight is over 50 pounds. Taking over 1 hour to prepare and costing $99 the challenge that goes along with the burger is for a 5 person team to complete the burger within 3 hours.

Attempt 4

The Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser. This burger stands 34 inches tall and easily feeds groups of 35 to 50 diners. It takes 4 hours to make and must be ordered 24 hours in advance, and for a mere $179.

The Winner so far…
Bob’s BBQ & Grill of Pattaya, Thailand has smashed the current record for producing the world’s biggest cheeseburger. Measuring 60 CM (23.5 inches) in diameter and 35 CM (13.75 inches) in height, the burger has been named Big Bob’s Texas Belt Buster and is on the regular menu and can be ordered 12 hours in advance.

The World’s Biggest Burger

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