The Ultimate Steak & The Ultimate Burger

This is one hell of a steak…a 180 ounce beast of a steak!


wow this picture makes me hungry…but not as much as this next picture of the McDaddy of bacon cheese burgers!

You can see a series of pictorial instructions on the construction of such a beast after the jump…good luck!


  1. I like steak a lot more probably than most, but the the presentation of this one is most unappetizing,

    And while it does make the mouth water, that’s not real bacon on the burger. What are you, from Canadia or something?


  2. Whilst i agree with you on the presentation on the streak…it does look like a big lump of cow dung, that bacon is most definetly REAL bacon…not the silly streaky stuff u guys have! (British, not canadian)

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