The Ultimate Halloween Horror Cakes

Perfect for your Halloween party…these realistic cakes will scare the living daylights out of your visitors.

How about the “Killer Rats Cake”?

A slice of this cake looks like a cross-section of an arm, complete with ulna, radius, bone marrow, skin, etc.

The Thorax Cake?

There’s a complete rib cage and spinal column there, which create a delightful presentation for the heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, and small intestine, each of which is a different delicious flavor of cake.

Or the Zombiefest…

“At the height of the party we gathered everyone around it to witness the thrilling moment when raspberry flavored blood spurted from his eyes and poured from his mouth.”

Full instructions can be found here on how to build your own horror cakes.



  1. these cakes look great.. in class we had to come up with a halloween food idea. thanks for the help

  2. wow i hope they taste better than they look,i know its halloween and all but i would faint if i saw that at a party lol how much do they cost??

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