The Shell House

After weeks of posting examples of eccentric projects such as the cheese mount rushmore, the egg portrait and the embroidered Nintendo system, i thought it was about time i posted an example of british eccentricity at its best. And also one that i have personal childhood memories of.

On countless family holidays to Bournemouth and the south coast of England i was repeatedly taken to a house on the cliffs of Southbourne which was descriptivly known as…the Shell House

Created by the late George Howard in 1948, the shell house was believed to be dedicated to George’s son Michael who died of meningitis at the age of 14.

Unfortunatly, on a recent trip to Bournemouth, i failed to find the shell house and upon doing some research, i am sad to report that after years of demoralising vandalism and theft, the family was forced to give way to a new seafront property development which is now built on the grounds

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