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  1. Aww..c’mon, that’s not the story behind Mario! Series was about a lonely plumber who ate “magic” mushrooms and dreamt of a princess that he could rescue. The whole time he was experiencing the classic dilemma of a drug addict, the whole “love-hate” relationship with his drug addiction. That’s why he stomped some mushrooms (goombas) and loved others (Toad). The later games like Mario Kart, were after he got older and his jealousy of the successes of others drove him to have trips about cars. This jealousy, on top of the long term psychedelic abuse, led him to develop a paranoid schizo disorder that manifested as a split personality called Wario.

    The constant search for coins was the classic addict behavior of panhandling, enhanced by his drug of choice.

    And no I’m not stoned…

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