The Plastic Wrapped Woman

I would love to start this post off by introducing the author of this odd piece of film and, most importantly, the reason why there is a young woman being plastic wrapped in a blue rubber like material…but i cant. Sorry.

Im sure its art though! Isnt everything!

If anyone has any more info, t’would be grand if you could let know.


  1. Thanks Kim, although im not exactly clear on what Japanese AV genre actually is? Could you expand?

    Cheers Kim

  2. this comes in light of recent postings about “sealed” women. basically, taking women, dressing them as anime or toy figures, then sealing them in clear casing…to make them appear like a toy…i know this makes little sense, but i’ll try to find the link of where i first saw that.

  3. IIRC it’s called a vacbed and it’s the next step in full body enclosure for latex fetishists and the like. So it’s definitely not art, at least in the conventional sense…

  4. Years ago I had a toy that would vulcimize objects .It would heat up a plastic sheet over an object and vacuum would make material melt down over the object .

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