The ongoing search for a good server…

We’ve been having a bit of server trouble recently. With the about:network of sites disappearing for a couple of minutes here and there with no explanation as to what happened. So…ive been thinking it may be time to move this behemoth of a site onto a dedicated server.

Whilst searching online for some options, i came across this:

I funny little game from Microsoft (its in Silverlight people) in the style of the good ole days. Classic Speccy adventure fun about a tech support guy.

…which brings me nicely on to my search for a new server. You could do worse that start here… If your a tad lazy, like me, to do proper research then this may be the place to start your search. Its got some (apparent) unbiased reviews of some top hosting companies together with a few that you probably have never heard of before. I was a tad surprised that my favourite hosting company..Media Temple wasnt included anywhere…and some of the more pro categories such as “dedicated” and “Reseller” hosting had just one entry. Not the biggest of choices. But it does give you a good list if its just plain ole 1 site hosting packages your after.
My personal recommendation would be either United hosting or Media Temple hosting. Avoiding Fasthosts. I think their idea of a good server looks a little like this:

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