The Nokia N96 already!

Nokia has just launched the N95’s latest sibling. The Nokia N96.

I have to be honest, i dont think it looks that good, I prefer the N95 styling but its whats inside that matters i suppose.

The specs are pretty similar to the N95 but with the addition of a 16Gb internal storage boost (which coupled with the possibility of another 16Gb card gives a huge 32Gb of storage), a DVB-H receiver (not much use in the UK at the moment tho) and a kickstand around the back so you can rest your phone on your desk and watch movies widescreen.

Apparently the battery usage has been improved also..but the disappointing battery from the N95 remains which is surprising.

Anywhoo, get yourself over to Gizmodo UK for the full comprehensive spec and review.

Oh..and if theres anyone from Nokia reading this, i would love to give it a testdrive! (Well, you have to give it a go don’t you! You dont get anything unless you ask!)