The Marks and Spencer Voucher Scam – A plee on behalf of Andy Curran.

Poor poor Andy Curran!

I recieved a mail this morning from a relative who thought i might be interested in this offer to recieve £100 of M&S vouchers if I forward the mail to 8 people but it must be CC’ed to Andy Curran at Persimmon Homes ([email protected])

I still find it hard to believe that people still fall for these type of cons but to be fair, when they are forwarded by well-meaning friends and relatives, they are hard to ignore.

I googled Andy Curran to find some more information on this poor guy. Hes obviously done something to really piss someone off!

A came across The Big Blog who had had the same idea as me and googled this guy and since mentioning this on his blog, has had a massive amount of hits on his site.

Well, to help poor Andy, i thought i would add to the blog noise and post about it here.

Please people, leave poor Andy alone…its a scam.  The email has been doing the rounds for over 2 years now.