The man with (hic) incurable (hic) hiccups searches for online (hic) cure.

Christopher Sands has had hiccups for 5 months and hasnt eaten or slept properly since february.

He has been recording his experience on MySpace. One entry reads…

Just had a really bad attack, I couldn’t breathe … I have tears streaming out of my eyes … really bad. I’m litterally (sic) getting my breath back now… that was bad.

Its odd, as my uncle has been suffering with hiccups for a solid week or two and that was the first time id heard of them lasting for longer than a couple of hours tops.

American Charles Osborne, of Anthon, Iowa, holds the record for the longest ever bout of hiccups, which lasted for 68 years from 1922 until 1990.

My uncle will not be happy when i tell him about this!