The Ice Cream van rally from London to Mongolia.

10’000 miles, 7 mountain ranges, 3 deserts, bandits, camels, AK47s and Neapolitan ice cream all combined to create the greatest charitable adventure the world has ever seen!

The Stats:
Ryan Walker: Automotive engineering graduate, favourite ice cream mint choc chunk
Alex Welsh: Favourite ice cream chocolate
Mike Hollaway: Weather forecaster, favourite ice cream cinder toffee crunch

An automotive engineer, a photographer, and a ..errr…
Weatherman aim to become the first men to drive an ice cream van from
Hyde Park, London to Ulaan Baatar, capitol of Mongolia. From 50 degree
deserts to freezing mountain ranges (hopefully) nothing shall stop our
mission to deliver the tastiest of ice cream to the most remote corners
of the globe…

They left Hyde Park at 1:30pm on last Saturday on their way and they hit Prague on Monday night.

Good luck!

Keep track of their trip at their site
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