The Greatest Film Trilogy hits HD. Compare and Contrast…

The Lord of the Rings trilogy hasnt dated at all in my opinion. And now its being released on Blu Ray.. but is it worth the upgrade from the DVD sets to the new HD sets? By the looks of it…hell yeah!

Take a look at some of the rollover comparisons on this site and try and stop yourself from racing out to pick yourself up a BR player or a PS3. Wow.

If anything will win the Blu-Ray Vs HD DVD race, its this!

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  1. sorry but i think you are a little behind on the format wars.

    2 days ago Warner announced they are doing exclusively Blu-Ray and almost every media company since has joined. (Just type Blu Ray into Digg and you’ll see umpteen different articles). The HD media war is officially over. Blu Ray has won.

    Industry pundits say that the only place that HD-DVD might still be viable is in the PC market as Panasonic and Samsung who backed HD are the largest producers of PC dvd drives.

    Just FYI.

  2. Dont worry, im well aware of all the latest buzz around Warner and the rumour that possible Paramount may or may not join them soon etc etc etc yawn yawn…but lets face it…all that corporate rubbish is all a little on the boring side isnt it.

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