The External HD with a rather cool OLED space visualization.

This has got to be one of the coolest little geeky gadgety thing ive seen for a while!

This is the IVY and its an external HD with a rather cool difference. When you start hoarding your data on there, the top of the HD, which is a lovely OLED screen, displays how the content of the hard drive is being used. Its a very similar style graphic to the hd visualisation utility Sequoia.

So every time you use your hard drive and fill that little baby up, the external design automatically changes and evolves over time…its appearance depends completely on your personal data.

The IVY harddisk concept was developed by Irene Joris, Linda de Valk and Bram van der Vlist as a demonstrator products in their Green Banana design vision.

…and i want one.(via)