The Cow v2. Now with extra holes for you to shove your arm up!

Yep…thats no photoshop trickery you see there. There are actually holes in those cows…

Not happy that the cow lets them place their hand up their backside, scientists have added another hole to add even more fun to the plain cow!

The holes are called “fistulas” which enable scientists to perform experiments on the cows digestive system. They can feed the cow and then take the food back out of the cow in the middle of its digestive process to see whats happening…



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  3. University of California at Davis had these cows on line as early as 1963 which is when I first saw them.

    They had a herd of dwarf cattle on the campus as well.

  4. i don’t think cows burp, but i do think this is animal cruelty.
    what about infection and other medical concerns?

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