The Car Sex Instruction Manual.

If your a czech speaking flexi person then this in-car sex manual will be spot on for you!

Check out her face in that last shot…not sure if thats a good or a bad face to pull?



  1. I could have used this in high school. Now I’m so fat, doing this would only embarrass me, and give me a cramp.

  2. imagine this conversation:

    – tell me something about you
    – well, I write books, and someone actually buys them
    – wow, so you’re a writer, what’s your latest book?
    – oh it’s a car sex manual, it’s a really nice guide, wanna test it?

    now, if she says OK, don’t make that face like the guy in the last one, like if he was watching cartoons

    Well there is a solution buy a pickup truck with a long box 8 ft.
    The long box used to be the normal size but apparently Detroit feels that we are better off not putting a mattress in that back of a truck and bumping uglies at the 4th of July fireworks display. So they came up with those lousy shopping cart sized pickups

  4. !!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IF MY STEERING WHEEL IS ON THE WRONG SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!?!?!oneoneExclamationpoint1


    Tab A into Slot B, it’s so easy a monkey can do it in front of your children in the zoo. (Why you have children in the zoo rather than just visiting is beyond the scope of this comment)

    Seriously, great find Jase

  5. Having sex in a car is one place where size really does matter! I like that second position — she can keep a lookout in case someone is coming.

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