The Butt Implant Gone Bad!

Somebody got a little greedy with their butt size!

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Author: Jase

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  1. Wow, These news reporters are cruel. They’re not suposed to be laughing at the lady like wtf.

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  2. Yeah I agree that b**** in the background should be fired

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  3. i think the reporter is very unprofessional, and the girl lauthing shuold be warning.
    that is sometihng serious and very sad that a person pay so much money for a plastic surgery. and gone that bad. the doctor shuold give her the money back and fix and put the implant under the muscle

    i hope the girl a good luck and hope everytihng is ok now

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  4. wow how could someone laugh at someone like that….. its not her fault and she was jus trying to improve herself and some doctor fucked up….. fire that bitch!

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