The Bullet Proof Baby (stroller)

Dont panic, the stroller is bulletproof.

Bullet Proof Baby Industries (what a name eh!) focuses on bullet proof jackets, riot helmets, riot sheilds, gas masks and bomb blankets….for babies.

Take a look at the site, they have a “Bullet Proof Baby Stroller” product test where a live real baby is put into a stroller and then a woman shoots at the stroll with a gun.

via The Presurfer

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Author: Jase

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  1. Is the video a joke? If not….

    As a person familar with guns and firing lines, and unless someone can explain to me what caliber that weapon is and how there was no ricochet effect at such a close contact range, I’m going to propose that the wepaon is actually a BB repeater or the video is fake. Since the product is advertised as resistant to armor piercing rounds, I would like to see a real M-16 go after it.

    As supporting evidence I offer the fact that NO professional weapons handler (The man in the blue shirt) would hand someone a hot weapon and allow them to point it at another person (such as when the wife aims at the unprotected child and husband).

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