The Bible (NT) rewritten by hand on greaseproof paper.

Ron Jeremy lookey likey Sunil Joseph (46) from Bhopal, India, has rewritten the entire New Testament, one verse a page, on greaseproof (butter) paper…

His entry into the Guinness World Records asks to be considered for 10 world records…

1. 7957 handwritten verses
2. Hand written New Testament
3. Written in just 123 days
4. The book has 16,000 pages. (7957 pages, 28 additional info pages, 15 blank pages for replacements, 8000 rice paper dividers
5 It is written on butter paper
6 The book lays vertically
7. It weighs 61Kg
8. It is 3ft 7″ thick
9. Large font size (!??!!?)
10. It can be read backwards using a mirror due to the pages being made from greaseproof paper.