The About:Blank Guide to Babysitting

If your ever in a position where you need to look after a tiny baby, make sure you follow the simple guidelines below:

Theres more (about 20 of them) after the jump…

If anyone has any idea of the origin of these..let me know so i can credit them. Cheers!

Thanks to everyone for letting me know that the images are from a great book called Safe Baby Handling Tips by David & Kelly Sopp. Available from Amazon and from

If your after tips of a slightly more responsible kind, try



  1. Now why in the world did I spend all that time and money on an in-home babysitter to write a parenting guide when this online babysitting guide exists?

  2. Can someone either figure out a way I can email this to people or email them to me at aspuppydog(at sign goes here, mines broken)


  3. i think these tips are a little crazy seeing that most of them are really dangerous and stupid but i guess hey can help SOME people that have NO IDEA what to do but mabey you could put in some tips for people who are not totally crazy!


    Age 11

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