The $60,000 Speedboat Pool Table.

Made for a special client on request, Peter McKee fixed a seven-pocket table onto a 21-foot speedboat. This vessel-turned-pool table costs a cool $60,000.

The unusual pool table has a ball return system also. Once a ball enters a pocket, it goes along a pipe before moving out at the rear of the table.

The side of the boat hull bears the words Brian, B-Dog and The B. The boat pool table pays a tribute to 28-year-old Queensland water-skier Brian Rix, who was killed in a boating accident on the Fitzroy River in 1999.

The seventh and extra pocket at the head of the table also presented a conundrum.

How to produce a pocket that was more obtuse than normal?

Yet some old-fashioned ingenuity solved it.

“We used a Nescafe tin to curve the seventh pocket,” McKee said.

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