The $20,000 Coffee Machine.

For that price, it had better make a damn good brew!

It takes 45 – 90 seconds to brew the perfect cup of coffee apparently…and every cup is has a different taste.

The flavor is “kaleidoscopic,” “It’s forcing you to pay attention to every sip, because the next one is going to be different.”

That doesnt sound too good to me!


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Author: Jase

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  1. So, after checking the price-list on a commercial coffee-shop supply house, this isn’t totally out of line. A regular drip brew machine like a restaurant would have can cost up to two thousand, so this seems expensive, but if you compare it to high-end espresso machines, it’s about the same- they run from ten to twenty easily. So, yes, this is a high-end product but it’s not like it’s ten times more than what it’s competing with. I imagine also that the price will come down as it becomes more popular.

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