Realistic Super Mario Bros.

Well, it’s a good thing video games have nothing to do with real life. They probably wouldn’t be any fun. You remember how Mario and Luigi broke bricks with their heads in Super Mario Bros. Wouldn’t work so well in real life. This video is called Realistic Mario: Brick Block. It’s from Pete Holmes of,… Continue reading Realistic Super Mario Bros.

Mike Tyson Gets Street Fighter Sound Effects

I wasn’t quite sure how awesome this would be until I watched it. It is 100 percent awesome. We’ve got video of an in-his-prime Mike Tyson set to sound effects from the video game Street Fighter. The game was originally an arcade game released in 1987. When Street Fighter II was released on consoles in… Continue reading Mike Tyson Gets Street Fighter Sound Effects

Goat Simulator is a Real Game and Here’s the Trailer

Yes, you read that right. There’s a game called Goat Simulator and it’s about to be released. You’re probably wondering, “what the hell?” Yeah, so were we. You’re probably also wondering, “what in the hell would you do in a goat simulator?” Well, from the looks of it, you walk around as a goat, jump… Continue reading Goat Simulator is a Real Game and Here’s the Trailer

Realistic Monsters From The Legend of Zelda

Artist Nate Hallinan has created this realistic looking monsters, or enemies I guess, from The Legend of Zelda. Check out Deku, Goron Cave Guard and Skulltula below. You can seem more of Nate’s work on DeviantArt. There’s plenty of other fantasy stuff there, if you’re into that kind of thing. (Via)

World’s Largest Video Game Collection

The world’s largest video game collection is owned by Michael Thomasson, who lives outside of Buffalo, NY. Guiness counted the collection at 10,607 games. It has since grown to more than 11,000. Thomasson owns titles from all the obvious platforms, but also plenty of obscure stuff like games for the Casio Loopy and Apple Pippin, as well as laser… Continue reading World’s Largest Video Game Collection

Video Game Proposal

Along with some friends, Robert Fink created a video game to propose to his girlfriend. It’s not a very impressive looking game, but it’s definitely cool. As she plays through it and reaches the end she sees the proposal and has to choose yes or no. Awesome. You can read more about it here.