LexCorp = LameCorp

The more I see and hear about the Batman v Superman movie, the lower my expectations go. I mean, first of all Ben Affleck is Batman. Now, we see in this shot from the set that this is LexCorp. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. It might as well be Google or Hooli, if you’re a fan of Mike Judge’s… Continue reading LexCorp = LameCorp

The Science Behind Superman’s Abilities [Video]

Ever wondered how science can support Superman’s abilities if he was real? Then watch this fascinating video how physicists can support a man who can fly, can have superspeed, have x-ray vision, etc. It may be pseudoscience but it’s a good watch nonetheless. – Via Unexplained Mysteries.

What Happens When The Super Friends Become Characters in Golden Girls [Video]

Two of my favorite tv shows during the 80’s have come together for a rather sweet yet odd mash-up. The two things that I find disturbing are the octogenarian Robin still in swimming trunks and Batman with a silver stache. I bet you can’t help playing this over and over again. – Via HyperVocal.